Thursday, January 27, 2011

Film Photos by Sam

Halle & Berlin

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Berlin part three...

Scultpture in Treptower Park

Sam standing with our sweet rides...

    (photo by Sam)

    (photo by Sam)




Concrete Factory on the River Spree

 An abandoned amusement park along the River Spree, spreading across 29hectares, no-one is allowed access to it anymore and the whole area is fenced off with security guards patrolling it.  Through the fence you can see the reminisce of old mouldy broken rides like these funny Charlie Chaplin-esque mono-rail buggies....

Toppled over Dinosaurs

                                                                         (photo by Sam)
                                              Fountain in Berlin, Alexander Platz Centre

(photo by Sam)
ha ha ha....fluoro vests and segways...too funny.

    (photo by Sam)
Euro coins are shiny and cute but somewhat a nuisance! 

'Willcommen In Der Fabelhaften Welt Des Widerstands Liebig 14 Bleibt'
Sam and I followed the sounds of industrial beats and flashing police lights to find people in black hoddies walking in the middle of the street, music blaring, accompanied by a massive police escort and helicopter as they were protesting the bulldozing of their squat on Rigaer Strass - a street with many buildings which are heritage listed and since been turned into squats making the street a mecca for punks and creative people alike.

(photo by Sam)
Riot Police ready for action, armed with intense mouth guards and cameras, as the protest continues like a slow rolling trance down the street...