Saturday, January 15, 2011

Berlin part two . . .

Fun in the snow . * . * * . .

The first Sunny day since arriving in Germany

 Sam found himself a giant ball of snow!

(photo by Sam)
Sian the rose cheeked woodland creature, Little Red Ridinghood

Pathways littered with Firecracker debris 

Basking in the sunlight.....

(photo by Sam)

Sculpture in Treptower Park

Hobo house in treetop

Left over mess from the Fireworks madness known as Germany New Years Eve


(photo by Sam)

(photo by Sam)
Streets of Berlin

(photo by Sam)

(photo by Sam)

                             Sam at the Brandenburg Gate

    Detail of the Brandenburg Gate

A bus to rival Alexi's in Kangaroo Ground, found in Tacheles - an artist community in Berlin


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