Friday, April 8, 2011

Fuengirola, Spain!

The Mansion

Sam, Nana & pup

Sam carving up the Mansion pool overlooking Fuengirola and the ocean

Resident dog, Sugar - as sweet as his name

One of Nana´s seven beautiful 3week old pups

Nana feeding her puppies

The Mansion - front view

Side view

Living by candlelight

Sam picking lemons

A day in Mijas . . .

Lukas, Cairns & Sam

Sad donkeys awaiting tourists to ride them

On top of a Church in Mijas which was carved out of a rock , unfortunately you´re not allowed to take photographs inside of the Church.

Cairns & Lukas

Squished dried frog on the road
Sam ´tourist photographer´ nerd-styling!

Goya & Picasso Streets

View of Fuengirola

Cairns & Nate

Lukas (Photo by Cairns)

Hannus (Photo by Cairns)

Cairns & Sugar

Sam & Nate

Cairns, Nate & Chica

Cairns at Fuengirola skatepark







Window in Mansion made of recycled beer bottles

Ricardo building skatepark at the Mansion

Cairns showing off the new bamboo shelves built by Lukas

The Mansion loungeroom overlooking grassy green hills and the city of Fuengirola below


Brick wall dodgily constructed by squatters of the past in the Mansion

Sam, Nate, Hannus & Lukas

Lukas, Sam & Hannus

Puppies, puppies, puppies......

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