Monday, May 16, 2011

Lisboa Day Four . . . Sintra

Ginger, Cara & Obilia

Ginger, Holly & Obilia on a ¨train¨ride around lovely scenic Sintra


Ginger & Obilia

Holly preparing shots of Cherry liqueur in chocolate shot glasses, one of Porugal´s specialities

Castelo dos Mouros built by the Moors in the 9th Century

View from the Castle

Beautiful moss, daisies and ferns spring out from gaps in the stones all over the Castles floors and walls

Obilia & Cara


View of the Pena National Palace


Holly & Ginger

Pena National Palace - a magical Castle of delicate detail, bright colours and plush design adorned with an array of pretty plants and staircases leading into the Castle walls which are filled with furniture and possessions of the Royal family.

Detailed tiles cover much of the Castles walls

Ginger, Cara & Holly


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